Thursday, 12 March 2020

I'm Going to Die of Fear and Hysteria... Just Not My Own.

I’m going to die of fear and hysteria…just not my own.

The rampant fear mongering of the Covid-19 virus has sport leagues and schools shutting down.  For a virus that is contagious but not all that life threatening.

Specter Arms makes over 99% of its revenue at gun shows.  Should these shows get shut down we would literally be out of business.  And being on the verge of releasing the S3 Phantom, with our only way of sales being threatened, is a disaster.  Already, we have lost our largest profit show in High Prairie.  Should we lose Dawson or Prince George we are unlikely to exist past summer of 2020.

But it is not just us.  How many parents in Ontario have just been put out of work because now they can’t send their kids to school?  How much financial hardship has the entire province been forced to endure?  They can’t afford rent, mortgages, food because they have children who are now unexpectedly home.  And if you leave them home alone, the same government who took them out of school will put you in jail.

And now, just like that, the government controls all gatherings, commerce and leisure.  They decide if you can leave your house or if you can travel.  They have used fear, misinformation and mass panic to get society to willingly surrender its freedom. 

Dark days ahead.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Defund the CBC

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as the night and when you strike, strike like a thunderbolt. " Sun Tzu.

The best thing we can do to preserve firearm rights in Canada has nothing to do with firearm rights at all.

I'm talking about defunding the CBC.

The CBC is on taxpayer life support. Thier ad revenues are way down and unsustainable.  Their reputation for biased liberal propaganda is noted at the international level.

They whip up hysteria painting gun owners as villains by deliberately misleading the people on how difficult  it is to lawfully get firearms. Misuse of the terms like arsenal and assault rifle whip people into unfounded emotional maelstroms.  CBC is an orgy of misinformation and black propaganda aimed at the one segment of the population unlikely to commit crime; the licenced gun owner.

Defunding the CBC would force them to adopt journalistic standards to attract advertisers or risk falling into oblivion. It's time Canadian taxpayers stopped paying for the propaganda arm of the Liberal party and restored a focus on being factual.

The truth is on the side of gun owners. Not having Canada subjected to a daily dose of lies by the CBC would, in my opinion, eliminate 75% of the falsehoods spread about gun ownership in Canada.

CBC categorically lies when they deny the following :
- almost all guns used in crime are obtained illegally through smuggling or theft.
- It is illegal to own a gun in Canada without permission of the RCMP.
- Our rifle magazines are limited to 5 rounds.
- An assault rifle can fire fully automatic. The are already illegal in Canada.
- Firearm license holders are far less likely to break the law than any other segment of the population.
- Guns must be locked up when not in use.

Defunding the CBC is the largest, most effective step we as a people can take in defeating the lies and misinformation that are forcing us gun owners to lose the battle for our independence and way of life.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

What Is on The Ban List


This document attempts to answer, in part, the question, “What is on the Liberal Ban List”.
The list is being kept a secret but several clues, rumors and inductive reasoning illuminates some of this list.  The list that I compiled, IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST.  Bill Blair is being deliberately sneaky and is not releasing the complete list for his own nefarious reasons.

Unlike everyone else pondering lists on the internet, I have included my methodology and reasoning.

Firstly, I have posted the list.  Most people are not interested in why I came up with what I did so I have spared them from a long read.  For those interested in hearing more, they can read on.


Will Be Banned:
-Vz58 family
-M305 family
-Mini-xx family
-SKS rifles
-Type 97
-Sterling Mk4
-Swiss Arms

High Likelihood of Being Banned
-MP40 (9mm)
-AR102 variants (BCL102, Stag 102 Troy 102)

Moderate Likelyhood of Being Banned


Everyone wants to know what is on the Liberal ban list.
Several people claim to have privileged knowledge of this list but respond with vague fear inducing answers, unwilling to give details, sources or methods.
For all we know, they could be pulling information out of their asses for a chance in the internet spotlight.

What we can do is derive reasonable hypothesis based on verifiable facts and rational premises.


Let's start with what we know and determine to be factually correct.

In an interview done by the CCFR with the thief-chief Bill Blair have laid out the methodology he used to select items for his ban list.  He mentioned the Moncton shooter and the Mosque shooter indicating he is looking at past shooting crimes. He also claims to have input from police as to what they want banned.

Combining this information and Trudeau's statements on Polytechnic we start off with the following list: VZ58 family, m305 family, AR-15, Mini-xx family, SKS rifles, CX4, G3 and variants*.

I deliberately left out the 30-30 used on parliament hill because of Blair's reaction when it was brought up; I am certain it is not on the list.

Blair mentioned he consulted with the police. We know the RCMP in particular have a hate on for some guns as evidenced by documents obtained by FOIP requests.
SKS, Type 97, Tavor, AR-15, Sten guns*, Sterling and semi auto reproductions of assault rifles and submachine  guns.
We also know that C-71 removed parliamentary oversight so we can add the Swiss Arms
"550" type rifles.

We need to explore one of these points, the so called copies of assault rifles and submachine guns.
The RCMP have been very aggressive prohibiting look alikes from the GSG-5 to the Blaze-47. A few have slipped through the cracks: GSG-15, MP44, MP40 (9mm), MP40 (22lr), GSG-16.

All of the above are imported by a company owned by a former RCMP officer.
Outside of that company the ISSC mk22 also gets a pass despite looking exactly like the prohibited-classified Mk16 SCAR.  FYI, the GSG-15 is the same gun as the ISSC mk22 but without the SCAR buttstock.

Traditionally, advisers to the Liberals have gone through great lengths to avoid banning 22s in any form so despite falling into the “look-alike” category mentioned in RCMP documents, the bulk of these firearms will be ignored.
What is likely to be on the list (but not certain) is the MP40 in 9mm.


Now that the facts have been established we can discuss rumors. There are hundreds of rumors but I will only address the ones that are either prolific or have been stated by people of influence in the firearm community.

Rumor 1: After market stocks and mag conversion kits will be made illegal to import but not illegal to possess or manufacture.
Response: F2. This is possible by OIC although it would be a CBSA OIC not a firearms one. Industry in Canada would quickly fill this gap.  Some Canadian companies already specialize in this type of work.

Rumor 2: Night vision will be banned
Response: F5. Garbage. NV is used more often by non gun owners than gun owners. With General Starlight out of Ontario providing these items, the best they could do is ban imports to choke off consumer grade models.  The idea of adding it as an endorsement to a PAL is not supported by law.  The bulk of NV is held by non PAL holders and forcing them to get firearm certified would work against the Liberal disarmament agenda.

Rumor 3: There are 200 line items on the ban list.
Response: C6. The accuracy and validity of this information can not be judged.  One comment: when a ban is done (as in the past) it must capture all the manufacturers and variants. The Swiss arms takes up 11 line items.  Getting to 200 is not as hard as you might think.  Some bad news; if this '200' number is correct, even considering all the lines that my list takes up, there is still room for another 50 or so firearms that I have missed.

Rumor 4: It is a semi auto ban.
Response: F5. No it isn’t. That can not be done with OIC. OIC can only name specifics. Generalizations are held by the criminal code.  They can change the law later but right now Blair says they will proceed via OIC. If that does not convince you, consider that there were 1.2 million registered semi auto long guns on the old long gun registry (ended in 2012). Blair claims they will take 250,000 to 275,000 guns 'off the street'.
Just looking at the numbers, a grade 2 student can tell you that it's not all semi autos.

Rumor 5: Pinned magazines will remain legal but the importation or manufacture of large bodied mags (that could be unpinned) will not be allowed.
Response: F3. Plausible. Again, it would be an import OIC not a firearms one but workable and legal.

Rumor 6: Some bolt action rifles are on the list.
Response: F4. I don't see why not but the optics would be terrible depending on what they are talking about.  Anything other than 50BMG would shatter the narrative that this is only for 'assault rifles'. I rate this as unlikely outside of 50BMG.

Rumor 7: They will use the New Zealand list.
Response: F5. Flat out no. Examining this history of Canadian gun bans and attempted gun bans shows a pattern that the NZ list does not fit.  The claim that Trudeau wants to out virtue-signal Arden has no analytical basis and shows a distinct lack of understanding of The Canadian situation.  This is the stupidest of the rumors.

Rumor 8: ACR, Tavor, XCR and Garand are on the list.
Response: C2.  This could easily be a A2 statement if there was corroborating evidence for the ACR, XCR and Garand.  I regard this a likely (but not certain)


AR102 designs and AR10s look and operate almost exactly like AR15s.  With all the heavy advertising and attempts to duplicate the AR102 by multiple manufacturers makes this a design that has likely caught the attention of the gun grabbers.

The Lynx is a semi-auto 50BMG bullpup.  It sounds scary, looks good for CBC viewers, and the relative few that are in Canada make them easy pickings.

The BRS-99 (Polish Uzi) first came into Canada years ago.  I had a chance to examine the insides of some of the first to come into country and found that it was a converted automatic with the auto sear still intact.  This was probably a one-off anomaly that the police overlooked because the guns were restricted and traceable.  Now, with non-restricted barrel kits, it is easy to move them back between categories.  If we apply the Hasselwander case (1993) pertaining to ease of conversion and the fact that these are easy to de-register, it is not a stretch to have these as a desirable firearm to ban.  Like the Swiss Arms "550 pattern" rifles, they might just want the whole batch rather then to sort out the converteds from the non.


Don’t despair.  By default these guns will go to the mystery 12(9) class in C-71.  Getting them out of your hands will take time which is something minority governments tend not to have.  An early stage ban can be reversed by a new government.

When the official list comes out study it.  Print it out.  Keep it in your gun safe and car.  There will be a lot of guns NOT on the list and having the banned list could help prevent an unnecessary conflict with law enforcement.

Comply with the bans.  Double lock everything left over.  They can not search everyone so they will rely on terror and suffering to stomp on a few gun owners publicly.  They will do this to create fear so others do not resist.  Don’t be one of those gun owners; your AR-15 is not worth it.

Keep your parts and bits:  BCGs, barrels, magazines etc.  They retain value still.

Good luck

* These guns are already prohibited
** The DA50 is actually an upper that fits on a AR-15 lower so is not considered a firearm on its own.  I debated adding this or not.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Giving Up Are We?

Like defeated losers some Canadian companies have decided to take the route of exploitation and cowardice in the face of this great and grave threat.

People floating ideas for starting central storage facilities.

People building bolt action rifles out of AR15 parts.

I can understand caution but this is fight I plan to win. I could exploit your fears like other guys to peddle a product that the market does not need, but instead, Specter Arms will lead by example and carry on with building the S3 Phantom. 

If we decide to build a manual action firearm it will be because we have also built a shitpile of scary high capacity mags to go with it.  We will innovate based on honest customer demand, not people looking to surrender  or settle for something inferior.

We will also not develop ways to extort revenue from people based on unethical laws.  Central storage operators will be like the car insurance companies; a private entity taxing people. And I use the word tax because taxes are mandatory.

Capitalizing on a tragedy is low, despicable, depraved. Whether it's December 6 Quebec grave dancing day or one of our own, it is equally vile.
So with that in mind you need to decide who will prosper by making choices with your hard earned cash. If you don't need a gun right now consider donating to CCFR. Educating the public will win the day.  

And if you are in the market for some new guns...

Pick the people who have not given up on this industry.  Those who have not resigned themselves to the enemy's dark design.
Pick those with the faith and courage to lead us through these dark days. Choose to believe in our collective strength and that we will win the day. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Analysis of Potential Actions Against Canadian Firearms Owners

I have refrained from immediately commenting on the Liberal win while I allowed my sense of anger and betrayal to subside allowing logic and clarity to take hold.

You don't need Specter Arms to explain the social aspects of this disaster. I am certain you are being bombarded with those messages.  There is reason to fear but we need to understand the enemy if we want to mount an effective resistance to him. This is where I can lend my voice.

This article was originally twice its size. But it was too long of a read so I cut the part out explaining what you could do and what Specter Arms is doing. The scope of this article will cover a calm dispassionate look at Liberal courses of action  (COA), their likelihood and the supporting arguments for these COA.

We need to examine the Liberal gun banning history specifically the prohibitions of the 1990s, the firearms act, the failed bill S-223 and finally C-71.
These all offer insights into how they think, what they perceive as achievable political objectives and who is advising them.

Firstly Liberal politicians understand nothing about guns except what American TV has shown them. When it comes to writing law, they rely on firearm 'experts' willing to work with them or "consult " as it was described during S-223.
These firearm consultants have a minimal knowledge at best and are often firearms owners described in the firearms community as "fudds". They believe that only their firearms are worth preserving. They want to keep Grandpa's shitty Cooey, their shotguns and bolt action rifles so all proposed laws deliberately avoid these guns.
The firearms act goes through great pains to emphasize 'center fire semi-auto' to exclude Grandpa's Cooey and their bolt action rifles. S-223 proposed a registry and central storage for everything except rimfires and shotguns.
The firearm prohibitions by Order in Council (OIC) never targeted 22 rifles directly (except the Calico) although a few got the ax by the RCMP interpretations of variants.
I feel confident in saying this pattern will continue as it is an unbroken pattern spanning decades; the Liberal consultants will advise to protect their chosen firearms.
-Rimfires will not be targeted
-Manual actions will not be targeted
-Semi auto shotguns are less likely to be targeted

Looking back at the OIC prohibitions we know from Freedom of Information Requests that these guns were picked because they looked scary and were well advertised bringing them to the attention of politicians. Back in the day, they flipped through copies of gun magazines flagging the ones they did not like the look of.
Flip through the pages of Caliber magazine and see the new list of proposed firearms prohibitions.

People point to the RCMP and the Coalition for Gun Control as providing input. Historically the Liberals have openly ignored their suggestions. That is why the Mini-14 has remained non restricted. And believe it or not, they don't like the RCMP either. Allan Rock sought to isolate gun owners and police from each other as they were natural allies typically holding conservative views. A counterpoint to this thought is the recent statement by the Liberals that says that the police should decide what is legal.  This muddies the waters analytically.

C-71 does not provide insight into what they may ban. It only confirms that they are going to ban by grandfathering. This contradicts the more recent Liberal talk of a buy back but it still offers another option should the buy back be prohibitive.
I feel that the buy back will be used only for restricted  firearms that can be immediately captured while C-71's 12(9) class will be used to target non restricted firearms.

The final factor we need to consider is the minority government. Some Liberal proposals require a legislative change. Even with a majority government and moderate changes, C-71 required a huge effort to get passed.
Legislative changes regarding hand gun storage AND changing the firearms classification system are unlikely to pass.

Conclusion: we at Specter Arms see potential 2 COAs.

Most Likely COA - Bans By OIC

C-71 is in place to allow for easy no compensation bans.  It requires no votes, no stress and no fanfare.  There is no reason to work with other parties to reach a consensus.  OIC is by decree.  It keeps the vague promise of "getting rid of assault weapons".

I am still using sources and methods to determine what this list is.

Most Dangerous COA - Legislative Change

The Liberals pass a law to amend the firearms act to make all center-fire semi-auto rifles prohibited.
This will capture all future sporting firearms and kill the innovation that Canadian firearms businesses are known for.  Industry can not come up with new designs to fill the demand for sporting arms under this COA.
This COA represents the death of the firearms industry.
This COA is least likely because they need to change the law.  After Gun Organizations parade out wood stocked BARs and M1A1s - not assault rifle looking - they will have major resistance.  I think their consultants know this too.

COAs are not exclusive; they may opt to attack on two fronts and do both.  Attack with OICs in the first wave to take most firearm owners out of the game and then try legislative change.  Or they may go for legislative change and use OIC as a fall back should it fail.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Declaration of War

I’d like to address the open declaration of war against gun owners by the race-baiting, blackface wearing, man child posing as the prime minister.
I have been asked what this means and unfortunately I can not tell you exactly.  His statement was vague.
There are several possibilities of what his words can mean.  As time goes on, I hope to get a more accurate picture of what his ill-targeted intent actually is.

The most likely scenario is a ban by OIC.  Easy OICs have already been established by the passing of C-71.  They will target AR-15s and some big firearm names.  Some of these firearms will be bought back like he says, but costs will quickly spiral out of control forcing them to put the bulk of their bans in the Mystery 12(9) class.  Storage regulations can be changed by OIC to allow lower governments a say in storage but this will be challenged in court and I expect it to be defeated.
OICs require no parliamentary debate.  They are easy and the limited attack on gun owners and our previous pattern of “taking it” will ensure their agenda advances without resistance.

The most dangerous scenario is a legal change.  If they attack by OIC, gun manufacturers can adapt with new designs just like they have in the past.  If they change the law to ban all magazine fed semi-autos, the gun industry and our sport will never recover.  People taking up hunting is down but people taking up target, sport and action shooting is way up.  It is the later groups that will be criminalized.  They proved they can make changes with C-71 with no repercussions.

More information is needed to determine what path they will take.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

C-71 and the 12-9 Mystery

C-71 has passed.

Friendly senators have done a valiant job of delaying this bill for months on end but the political bag of tricks ran out today.

Rather than focusing on what the bill means (which I have discussed already) I would like to take the time to lay out what possible scenarios are for the future.

This bill was created for a hidden purpose.  We all know it creates a shadow registry, we also know it eliminates most authorizations to transport, it shuts down gun shows and we also know it bans two rifles.  But C-71 has a mystery provision called 12-9; an empty prohibition class.

Under the law a firearm may be banned by decree, this is called an Order In Council.  This has been part of firearms law since the 90s.  Almost every time this provision was used, the law was altered to create a grandfathering class so people owning those guns, did not lose them.  However, the law does not grant automatic grandfathering.  In fact any OIC issued before C-71 would of required confiscation and destruction of any named firearms.  The SPAS-12 was an example of a firearm banned by OIC that was seized and destroyed.

12-9 allows for the OIC ban wagon to go full force without the legal challenge, political cost or monetary cost associated with seizing firearms.  There is literally nothing holding back the Liberal overlords from banning away.  Without C-71, I would go so far as to say (in a practical sense) gun bans would of been impossible.

This is a problem.  Industry has responded to past OICs by producing new products; products that were previously secure from OICs.  We got the XCR, the Modern Varminter, the VZ58... the list goes on;  all guns that would of been banned in 1997 if they had existed or were popular enough to be in American magazines.  C-71 allows the government to quickly throw guns into the 12-9 ban category.  We can't count on industry to save our sporing rifles this time.  As fast as they can build and develop them, the government can declare them verboten.

Consider most guns are imported.  Before a gun can be imported CBSA must get the RCMP's opinion of the gun in the form of a FRT entry (firearms reference table).  While the RCMP are obligated to classify based on the law (Section 86) they can also pass on the name of guns they don't like to the public safety minister who, in turn, can rapidly OIC it into oblivion.

The only viable sporting rifles will be ones domestically produced.  There is no law.... NONE... requiring manufacturers to get a FRT.  The manufacturer needs to respect the provisions of Section 86 but there is no reason (except for export) to get RCMP attention (and thus a potential OIC) targeted on their product.

Now, with all of this being said.  I don't think we are going to see a massive 1997 style ban list;  that is a worst case scenario.  I think it will be 1 to 5 firearms with one of those being the AR15 platform.

Time will tell.